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Christmas Postcard No 4

Hi folks, Ben here, and this week I want to write about people more than the business. This might be a little self-indulgent but my dad passed by his own hand during this period when I was young and I think it's hard wired in me to notice when people around me are struggling. And struggling they are. Everywhere I look people are exhausted either financially, mentally, or both.

But what helps humans most is knowing and understanding that others are in the same boat. It shouldn’t help, yet it does, the companionship of it, and the empathy the frontal lobe elicits in us all.

If you’re human you are born to both struggle and reach heights that other animals can’t, other than dolphins and apes and so on…… (other frontal lobe owners). Hence, you and I, and everyone we know must at some point come to understand that suffering comes with the territory, and that once you accept it, embrace it almost, then you can even out the highs and lows, and just generally deal with being a human being in these turbulent times a little better.

Understand, reader, this Christmas time, that you are special to more people than you realise.

So let us choose to deal with it well and choose the positive over negative. Gracefully move the negative thoughts aside, switch off the news about bleddy Covid (after getting vaccinated that is – don’t be foolish now), and move forwards to a great Christmas period, one in which you are a positive influence on those around you. Because lots of people need you - like I say, more than you know.

Let your real character shine through, be kind to people, enquire in this difficult world how people are.

And if you are just skint and have kids wanting a good xmas, and need something to brighten just an hour or two at least, then maybe we can help a bit, you only have to ask me, Kim, Vic or Nina and you can have free pancakes. PM us if you feel the need to check, but I guarantee you all that the afore mentioned will be more than happy with your request if you are genuinely in need.

What I hope I get across from this is that you are not alone, we might not know you, but I tell you, all the leaders of this business have struggled in their lives at times, myself included. I know because I have spoken with them all about various things. Yet they are strong people in charge of their lives, owning their own businesses, with families and kids. How can this be? Like I say, we all struggle, it is normal – own it, embrace it, grow, be stronger, have fun, help others.

Ultimately, we have just this short period to live, so let us not be dwelling on ridiculous stuff that we cannot change. So come on, burn the brightest form of you this xmas, and if that includes going out for a festive turkey pancake then do that too! Buy one of Lia’s trees while you’re at it you miserable bugger!! xx

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